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Betula nigra arrival in garden after gardendesign and visiting nursery Holland. unique multi stem tree Betula nigra- The wonderful bark of Acer buergerianum Gardenadvice about unique tree in your Schitterend felrood herfst blad van meerstam boom- florera tuinarchitect. Multi stem adult tree for garden in the Netherlands- FLORERA gardens and other outdoor spaces. tuin in Zuid Frankrijk- tuin in Nederland- boom op transport.

An unique tree in your garden with a good planting advice.

I LOVE TREES!! Every time when i get the possibility to design a new garden or outdoor place, i love to introduce special trees to my clients.
Most of the times my clients don´t know of what i am talking…Therefor i take them with me to big nurseries in Holland- The Netherlands- Pays Bas.
There, on the nursery, i am showing them thé most incredible beautiful trees of the world! Because Holland is on the top of the world with all her beauties and special care, for trees and other plants.
Also we have a good climate, a solid floor (ground) in which the trees can grow healthy en a lot of knowledge from ages and ages on.

Here you can see a very beautiful Betula nigra, a multi stem tree.
And some other trees at a nursery and arriving in the new garden.

A lot of trees need a gauze and hessian sacking while they are going from nursery to garden..or form garden to another garden. Do NOT REMOVE the gause and hessian sack! And NEVER plant the rootball tp deep.
A following link will give you more information how to plant a tree:

In most times it´s good to have a professional garden/ and plantigadvice.
Not only about planting, but also about wchich tree to choose..
Because the right tree in the right place gives the most joy and happiness to you, your family and guests.

I will gladly help you in all times.

Marjan de Koning-